About Us

Hello there! My name is Neil, and I am a father who can't help but be concerned for the world our children will be inheriting. Since becoming a father in 2009, I've been gripped by the fear that my children will face challenges due habits that we can't seem to break.

Why We're Here

Recycle Arrows Made of Grass

This site exists to help folks just like you who want to change how we are impacting our planet. Whether it is your first time trying to "live sustainably" or you're a seasoned pro looking for something new, you are sure to find value here. In order to help you, I am going to share my personal experiences with you and the discoveries I've made through my own "live and learn" program.

While you're here, I have a small favor to ask. If you come across something that catches your interest, please consider getting involved with the site. This project is a passion of mine (and our family), and I would love to hear from you. Your feedback will help everyone grow!

About me

I was born and raised in the most densely populated state in the United States. In high school I fell in love with biology due to a most amazing teacher (to whom I owe a large debt of gratitude). I continued studying biology in college (stay with me -- there's a reason I'm bring up the biology) and then tried to teach like my former teacher for 13 years. One of the things you learn in biology, in particular ecology, is something called carrying capacity. Every environment, due to limited resources, has a maximum number of individuals that can be sustained. As populations increase in the area, the amount of resources available decreases. Look at the graph below. Wouldn't you agree that our population has been increasing "recently?"

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Human Population over Time

So you can clearly see the truth about our population growth. Does this type of growth seem sustainable to you? We will eventually hit our carrying capacity. At that point, the resources available to provide homes and food will be pushed to their limits. Yeah, grim, I know.

Armed with this knowledge, we can start to change our ways in hopes of avoiding the grim reality that awaits. So we did just that. No, I'm not to claim that we're perfect, that we are carbon neutral, or that all of our food is grown in our own yard. Are these activities to which we all can aspire? Certainly! I prefer to "keep it real." We're a family trying to do our best while learning to do better.

You're invited

This site will remain here as an open invitation to you (and those you love -- share this with them) to begin living as sustainably as you can. The fact that you're here and you've read this far indicates you're likely to be someone who will improve our world by reducing your impact on it. Thank you!