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Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin – Full Review

Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin

With the cost of "organic" foods climbing, the urge to grow "locally" or at home is surely on your mind.  One of the best things you can do to improve your chances of a bountiful harvest is to use compost.  There is no denying that you will have "happier" plants when you provide them with more compost.  It's probably one of the few things that can never have too much of.  Your fruits, vegetables, and flowers will be more vibrant and nutrient dense than ever before. 

Is Everything You Know About Compost Wrong?


If you want to produce a good quantity of compost at home with an easy to use bin, this Redmon Green Culture 65 gallon compost bin just might be your ticket.  If you're looking for other options to consider, we've got you covered.  Check out our post on compost bins.

Review Summary - Short on Time?

Product Name:       Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin

Product Type:         Compost Bin

Price:                        $55.33 (as of 11/10/2017)

Summary: This large capacity plastic (BPA free) compost bin by Redmon offers simple setup and ease of use at an affordable entry point.  If you live in an area with high winds and/or bears, special precautions will need to be followed.  This bin will have you growing beautiful plants in no time.

Who is This Compost Bin Made For?

If you're someone who's ready to begin making compost and do not want any fancy tumbling or compost tea, this no frills high capacity bin should fit the bill nicely.  You will like this bin if you:

  • Want More Capacity than Many Tumblers
  • Enjoy Getting a Little Dirty (Turning your Pile as Desired)
  • Prefer something that will last longer than a DIY option
  • Do Not Have High Wind Often
  • Do Not Have Crafty Critters (Bears)
  • Live In a Home with a Yard (Not Balcony Friendly)

If this doesn't sound like a fit for you, don't worry.  You have options!  Perhaps anyone of the other bins listed HERE will suit you and your unique situation better.

The Good

​This bin has many things going for it that make it a smart choice when compared to other solutions.  It is easy to assemble and made of a rugged UV-resistant plastic resin. This material should hold up longer than some DIY options that will decompose along with your compost.  The bin itself is made of 80% recycled materials and is BPA and phthalate free.

Another great thing about this bin is the ease in which you can add material.  The snap-on lid is easily removed​ to provide you with the ability to add to your pile.  This also provides you with the room to turn the pile should you want to speed the process along.

Another great thing about this bin is the ease in which you can add material.  The snap-on lid is easily removed​ to provide you with the ability to add to your pile.  This also provides you with the room to turn the pile should you want to speed the process along.

Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin Product and Packaging -

A final positive that is worth mentioning is the price.  This bin is one of the most affordable bins of this type and size.  Many other competing bins are sold for double the price of this unit.  If you take a little time to learn about composting (see the video above), this modestly priced unit should get you up and running nicely.

What Could Be Better?

​It can be overwhelming these days when trying to make a purchasing decision.  Now you want to start growing healthy vegetables using your homegrown compost, but you are met with too many options.  We don't want you going into this unaware of all of the pros and cons.  We want you to be successful.

Though this bin is made of a durable UV-resistant plastic resin, it is light weight.  If this bin were exposed to high winds without being properly secured, you may find a lid missing or the bin to be spilled over.  Consider placing this bin near a structure to shelter it from the prevailing winds.

Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin Enemy - Wind -

Another consideration related to the lid is the chance that "visitors" might inspect the contents of your bin.  Easy-to-remove lids are great for both people and bears (or raccoons).  If we do not take proper precautions, can we blame the animals for looking for a free meal?  So how can you avoid attracting these unwelcome guests?  If you're composting kitchen waste, then make certain that you cover the new additions to the pile with sufficient "brown" material to mask the scent.

Final Thoughts

​Don't get overwhelmed!  If you're here, you're on the right path.  Of this we are certain.  If you've made it this far down in the review, you should strongly consider the Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin.  Or if you're not ready to commit to a solution like this, go the DIY route.  You can't go wrong.  With some basic knowledge that Mike McGrath teaches us above, you can have some great results with any bin.  Since we all have different circumstances, we want to help you find that right bin for your particular situation.

If you liked Mike McGrath's video and are finished using "SPB's,"​ here is the item that he used to free himself from the tired routine.

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Sean Greentree says a couple of years ago

Great review Neil. Thanks too for sharing the Mike McGrath stuff too. I never realised how much of a science composting was! This is good timing as my cheap plastic composter split down the side last week, and spilled it’s contents everywhere. Buy cheap, buy twice as my father always told me! This 65 gallon one looks great – and far more robust. Is it available on Amazon? Thanks again.

    Neil says a couple of years ago

    Sean, There’s definitely some science to compost. However if some basic principles are followed (more browns than greens), it’s a relatively simple process. I think the toughest part for most people is that they want to compost everything and are disappointed to find out that may not be the best idea. I agree with what your father says. It’s important to strike a balance between affordability and quality. If you look at the ratings on Amazon, you’ll see that it’s worked hard to earn its 4.2 stars!

Matthew Owen says a couple of years ago

My children have asked me if they could grow their own vegetables out the garden so I have been doing a bit of research of what I will need to kick things off and I stumbled on this review of a Redmon compost bin.
Is it really necessary to have one if these?

    Neil says a couple of years ago

    It’s great to hear your children are interested in growing their own food. It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to get dirty with you, learn a little science, and perhaps even some “agripreneurship.” As far as this bin being absolutely necessary, it’s not! There are so many ways one can compost that our aim is help match you with the method and/or bin that will work best for your own unique situation. Take for instance these plans that I used to build my own DIY tumbler. I have bought a similar tumblers for less (much less actually) but I enjoyed working on it with my father. Get out there with your kids! Compost or not, you won’t regret it.

Steven Oliver says a couple of years ago

Hey Neil

This is an excellent article on a subject that I must admit, I know very little about. It is something, however, that I want to learn about as it is so important in these days.

I really do need to get a container/bin of some kind as what I currently use is very inadequate. The Redmon Green Culture looks perfect so I will be taking a closer look!



    Neil says a couple of years ago

    These days, if one spends any amount of time online, it’s easy to feel like you don’t know enough. That’s ok for me being I am an insatiable leaner. I applaud your interest in the topic and encourage you to check out the video in this post by Mike McGrath. He’ll give you just about the most fool proof way to get composting immediately.

Matt's Mom says a couple of years ago

This looks to be a great idea really. I am new to this, so I have a couple of questions. What type of “stuff” can you add to this for compost? I know probably grass clippings and stuff from clipping trees and bushes. What about stuff like banana peels, coffee grounds and that sort of thing. Would this be good too?

    Neil says a couple of years ago

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but much of what people hope to put in their compost bins is considered “cold” and is best kept out of your compost bin.  The good news is that you can use those same kitchen scraps with either a worm bin or using a composting method called bokashi.  If you’re going to use grass clippings, you need to be sure to add “browns” to go with them.  Up above, you’ll see a TEDx talk that gives you a really good idea of the ratios of brown to green you should aim for.  Thank you for leaving a comment!

Peniel02 says a couple of years ago

Hey Neil, this is indeed a good review of the compost bin, but i have to admit that to me is an initiative and new experience, because even though i am an agricultural extension officer i never knew of composting a bit, except for the traditional way of compost making (DIY), but i have to admit that this is indeed labor saving.
But my question is how long will it take for the compost to be ready for use? and what are the major differences between the DIY composting and using a compost bin?

    Neil says a couple of years ago

    Hello to you too and thank you for leaving a comment. I would not expect finished compost in less than 3-4 weeks depending on the materials used and the climate in your area.  As far as the differences between DIY and a commercially available solution like this Redmon Green Culture, it’s pretty much time and cost.  Yes there are different ways to compost, but they’re similar in concept.  You can spend more or less either way you go.  The thing to keep you eye on is that you will be A) getting better healthier plants and B) reducing your impact on the environment (less in landfills, less methane produced = less greenhouse effect for everyone).  Thank you again for the comment.

Fred says a couple of years ago

Amazing Review Neil. The features of Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin sound awesome. I never thought something like this would actually be in the market. Not only is the product affordable, it is very useful. In addition to this, it is a 65 Gallon Compost Bin which means I do not need to worry about it getting filled in limited time. There is this issue with the wind but I think I can take care of that problem by keeping the bin in a secure place. This is a great product and I will highly recommend it to other customers.

    Neil says a couple of years ago

    Fred, Thank you for the compliment! I’m glad you too are looking to make a larger quantity of compost. You truly can’t get enough of this stuff. Oh, and your plants like it too.

Robert says a couple of years ago

Love Gardening.

Compost is the key to developing the health of the garden.

I really like the benefits of Redmon Green Culture 65. The large capacity and easy set sounds great to me. I don’t mind getting in the compost as well.

The Oregon Coast like anywhere else has its own season and want to take advantage of the time available.

Thanks for the great article.

What compost container do you have?

    Neil says a couple of years ago

    Hello Robert and thank you for the comment. I agree that compost is key to healthy productive plants.  As far as which bin(s) I have… I have more than one.  I believe in trying things.  My first go around was with DIY options (that actually cost more than many of the commercially available options.  I have found that the features and functionality obtained through the “store bought” variety are worth it.  While I like the convenience of tumblers, I’ve found that I always end up wanting MORE compost.  I’m insatiable when it comes to rich black compost.

Tufanua iata says a couple of years ago

The 65 gallon compost bin is a good idea for outdoor compost. The kitchen composter for the cooking wastes is so ideal.
What is the different between compost and fertilizers?

    Neil says a couple of years ago

    Fertilizer is typically either a liquid or granule that contains a mixture of nutrients for plants that are usually given 3 numbers that describe the ratio of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K). You may hear people say “NPK,” and that is what they are referring to. Think of fertilizer as a way to support the existing soil (including organisms within it). A problem with fertilizers is the run off. You apply fertilizer and a large portion of it runs off during waterings or rain. They then run into streams, rivers, lakes, etc. The algal blooms that result create “dead zones” in the water. Check this out:

Tonya says a couple of years ago

Great review! I love how transparent you are in your reviews. You can tell you are passionate about sustainable living. Where do you buy these compost bins? Love your honest pro and cons in this review. I may have missed this part but did you get one for yourself and how did it work for you?

    Neil says a couple of years ago

    Hi Tonya and thank you for leaving us a comment.
    No doubt we are very passionate about both compost and sustainable living.  We no longer have the unit, but we recommend picking it up from Amazon due to the free shipping and excellent customer support.  While we did not ourselves have any problems, those on Amazon who reported a missing part received prompt responses and received their parts quickly.  As far as working, it sure did!  Not only did it cost less than my DIY tumbler, it helped “cook” the compost faster because of its dark color.  Being honest as always though, I did feel it necessary to turn (mix) the compost a couple times a week to help the process along.

JaemiO says a couple of years ago

Hi Neil,

Thanks so much for your review of the Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin. I love composting, especially with worms. Since moving into our apartment, I have been experimenting with a few DIY methods, with mixed results. I have considered purchasing some pre-made options, but have found limited reviews. Your’s is super helpful. Though I do not think I will be purchasing the Redmon, I appreciate your words on it. We live in a 3rd story apartment with a balcony. We also experience seasons of high winds. Knowing that this bin is not good for those conditions is incredibly helpful. The search continues!

Thanks again,


P.S. Do you have any suggestions on what would work best in our situation?

    Neil says a couple of years ago

    Hi JaemiO,

    I am so glad to hear that the review was helpful in making a purchasing decision (even it if that decision is a “Not yet”).  We definitely want to help people find the right compost bin for them.  That’s great that you are using worms too.  We plan to write up a how-to on worm bins soon.  As far as a compost bin that’s great for an apartment, I do have a couple suggestions.  We haven’t finished our reviews on these two products yet but you can find them in this post: 7 Top Rated Compost Bins for 2017 1) The EnviroCycle and 2) The Bokashi Basic Kit

    Both can provide you with liquid compost as an added benefit.  The good news is that you can choose how to spend also as the EnviroCycle is more costly where the Bokashi is not.  Best of luck in your search.

Kevin says a couple of years ago

Hello, Neil,
Fantastic review on economic composting. I have composted for some years. It is a great benefit saving me time and money.
I think the Redmon Green Culture 65 Bin is a great buy for a newbie. The compost bin sounds durable and should last for years if taken care of properly.
Thanks for the information and insight to getting started composting.

    Neil says a couple of years ago


    Thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to leave us a comment.  I’m very pleased to hear you’re a veteran composter.  Please continue to share your sustainable practices with your friends!


Jack Taylor says a couple of years ago

My wife and I started a garden this summer and I’m now in the market for a compost bin. I just finished reading your review on the Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin. After reading your review, I decided to ahead and buy the Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin. Thanks a lot for a great review. I saved your website to my favorites for future reference.


    Neil says a couple of years ago


    That’s wonderful that both you and your wife are starting a garden.  I wonder what you chose to grow.  I’m flattered that our review helped you in your purchasing decision.  I promise your plants will “thank you” for the nourishment, moisture, and protection you are about to provide them.


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